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Wednesday Morning Bible Study with Pastor Clyde

 – If Amherst Co. Public Schools are on a delay or closed, there will not be Wed. morning Study.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

 – Will be determined on a case by case basis and if cancelled, there will be an outgoing message on the office phone, posted on our Facebook page, an e-mail notification, radio station Equip FM and submit it to WSET.

Sunday Morning Services

 – We strive to never cancel our 11:00am Worship Service but leave it to the discretion of our congregation if they are comfortable traveling. However, Sunday School is sometimes cancelled. Should Sunday School be cancelled, we will send out an e-mail, put it on our church Facebook page, put it on the radio station Equip FM and submit it to WSET television station. Also there will be a message on our office phone if you prefer to call in and hear the outgoing message
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