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Welcome to the beginning of our new “Mission Trip” webpage.  As we develop the page further I hope it will become a source of both information and inspiration for all of us. Over the past 10 years or so it has become increasingly clear to me that mission efforts, whether domestic or international  are becoming a primary thread in God’s weaving of the Clifford Baptist Church garment. So much so that I’m convinced that missions is both a primary call to us as a church and an important part of our church identity.


We have both current and previous members that have been parts of mission trips domestically to the Gulf Coast for hurricane relief, different parts of our state with Impact Virginia, Cherokee, NC, Charlotte, SC and Porcupine, North Dakota. Internationally we’ve been to, Argentina, Brazil, the Central Asian sector, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, the North Africa/Middle East sector, Panama, Peru, Rumania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, the South Asian sector, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand and Turkey. Are you excited yet? We are touching the world from Clifford and we want to keep doing it as long and as far as the Lord will take us.We will be periodically posting information and pictures of previous church organized trips as well as information for upcoming trips.

Please pray for us to stay in the center of the will of God with our efforts and enjoy the page.

Pastor Clyde

September 2013 Mountain Mission School Trip
Team:   14 people
Length:  4 days
Purpose: To help MMS get various jobs and projects completed to free up their staff to do other things.
Accomplished:  Dismantled a fence; removed posts and ramp; cleaned up the area; hand dug the area for the form, built the form, spread the gravel and poured the concrete for the new dumpster pad; replaced broken support pole on a swing set; repaired a drainage pipe; weeded and mowed; straightened and cleaned the auditorium; repaired a dishwasher; cut over $1000 worth of coupons; inventoried a sports shed; cleaned bathrooms and led a Chapel service with a missions presentation.


2012 Hope of Life International Guatemala Trip
Team:   19 people
Length: 7 days
Purpose: To fill in and work wherever Hope of Life International Staff needed us most
Accomplished:  Helped out in the Rescued baby center and the Senior Center. We fed people at a feeding center near the local dump. We dug the footings and then made the forms for the footings for a home. We put together food bags then traveled into the country to hand deliver them. We tied many linear feet of pepper plants and dug many rows of soil for more plants in a half dozen or more greenhouses.

Pictures: Please see a few pictures from the trip below.

Guatemala 2012 Mission Trip

2012 Guatemala Mission trip to Hope of Life International

Photos from 2012 Guatemala Mission Trip