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As you learn more about the personality of Clifford Baptist Church, we are a church that stands on some firm doctrinal scriptural foundations. These next few paragraphs will give you a thumbnail sketch of the beliefs that hold us together as a church and give us the commission to reach out with the love and good news of Jesus Christ.

There are three basic doctrines that form the core of Clifford Church:

1) We believe that only faith in Jesus Christ can bring forgiveness of sin and eternal life. In our imperfection and sin, we human beings cannot produce any work of justice or righteousness that makes us perfect and acceptable before our holy God. Therefore, God did for us what we could not do for ourselves: He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect, sinless human life. In his sinlessness, he went to the cross to bear the punishment for our sin. His death on the cross, then, was God’s act of grace and atonement for our lost condition. Jesus’ literal resurrection from the grave assures that every believer has victory over death.

God’s plan of salvation is very simple. According to Romans 10:9, if we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in our heart that God raised him from the dead, we will be saved. Becoming a child of God is accomplished in one way alone – believing that Jesus died for each of us, and is risen again that we may be given eternal forgiveness and life.

With that principle of faith in mind, we realize that every person must come to the point of confessing Jesus as Lord. It is a highly personal decision and choice. When a man or woman, boy or girls accepts Jesus Christ in faith as his/her Lord and Savior, it is at that point that he/she is baptized as a believer.

Our stance on personal faith demands that we baptize only those who have chosen a faith relationship with Jesus. That expression of belief and faith will bring believer’s baptism, which is an outward symbol of inward, saving faith.
2) We believe in the inspired power of the Word of God. The Bible is the only written holy revelation of
God’s will for the church and His people. It is our source of divine knowledge and leadership in every area of life and ministry. Every ministry of Clifford Baptist Church must be measured against the Bible. Our preaching, teaching, and outreach remains under the direction we find within God’s Word.

3) The third doctrine that is foundational to CliffordBaptistChurch is the Priesthood of the Believer. We believe that every Christian has at least one talent or gift to offer to God in service. As each church member contributes his/her talents, we are bound together so that Jesus forms a unique and well-rounded ministering body.

The doctrine of the Priesthood of Believers states that each talent and each task of ministry – from preaching to teaching to hospitality to witnessing to offering a cup of water in Jesus’ name – is equally important. There is no hierarchy of gifts, and no separation of clergy and laity. Every church member is encouraged to pray and study the Bible, seeking God’s leadership in the development of his/her gifts for ministry. As we contribute our individual talents, God blesses and uses each person’s ministry as a vital and equal part of Clifford Baptist Church’s total ministry.

Within this framework Clifford Baptist Church lives, thrives, and reaches out with the Gospel. We are a loving fellowship that readily welcomes new members who are called to grow in Christ and serve Him within this family.