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It has become increasingly clear to CBC leadership that mission efforts, whether domestic or international are a primary thread in God’s weaving of the Clifford Baptist Church garment. All missions are equally important, whether long term, short term, overseas, in another state or locally. The only question that’s important is “are you serving where the Lord has called you?” If you are; then you are just as faithful to the Lord if you serve locally as if you serve internationally. Surrender to missions is a question of obedience; not location or distance. 
People from Clifford have ministered in the following places:


Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Chad, Chile, Dominican Republic, Egypt,Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Ireland, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Yemen, Zambia


Gulf Coast, Kairos Prison Ministry, Impact Virginia, Mountain Mission School, Cherokee, North Carolina, Charlotte, South Carolina, Porcupine, North Dakota,Backpack Ministry, Good News Club, Samaritans Purse, Meals on Wheels

The Lord is touching the world from Clifford and we want to keep doing it as long and in as many places as the Lord will take us.
Pastor Clyde Mawyer, Jr. 

Previous Church Sponsored Trips

  • 2012 Hope of Life International Guatemala Trip
    Team:  19 people
    Length: 7 days
    Purpose: To fill in and work wherever Hope of Life International Staff needed us most
    Goals Accomplished:  Helped out in the Rescued baby center and the Senior Center. We fed people at a feeding center near the local dump. We dug the footings and then made the forms for the footings for a home. We put together food bags then traveled into the country to hand deliver them. We tied many linear feet of pepper plants and dug many rows of soil for more plants in a half dozen or more greenhouses.


  • September 2013 Mountain Mission School Trip
    Team:  14 people
    Length:  4 days
    Purpose: To help MMS get various jobs and projects completed to free up their staff to do other things. We were a force multiplier.
    Goals Accomplished:  Dismantled a fence; removed posts and ramp; cleaned up the area; hand dug the area for the form, built the form, spread the gravel and poured the concrete for the new dumpster pad; replaced broken support pole on a swing set; repaired a drainage pipe; weeded and mowed; straightened and cleaned the auditorium; repaired a dishwasher; cut over $1000 worth of coupons; inventoried a sports shed; cleaned bathrooms and led a Chapel service with a missions presentation.


  • July 2014 Hope of Life International Guatemala

Team: 10 people

Length: 10 days

Purpose: to take care of multiple jobs in order to free up the staff and local workers to do other things. We were a force multiplier.

Goals Accomplished: Construction, cleaned up newly built hospital, food distribution in a village, worked on a parking lot near the playground at the top of the mountain, worked construction on a house in a different small village by the river,


  • May 2016 Until the Whole World Knows Ministry in                 Port au Prince, Haiti

Team: 7 people

Length: 8 days

Purpose: To do quite a bit of repair in a walled in school, and to hang doors throughout a home that will become the halfway house to transition school girls that age out of the school from the protected environment of the school to the reality of the streets of Port au Prince.

Goals Accomplished: built doors for each of the stalls in the bathroom, built library shelves, repaired a hole in a wall that allowed rats to get inside with the children, hung doors throughout a large 2 story home that will be the girls house to help transition them from a protected environment to the real world of the streets.


Upcoming Trips being Planned

We have 4 trips in the planning stages.

  • Destination: The South Asia Region

 Contact Person/Team Leader: Laverne Castillo laverne@advancingnativemissions.org

 Date of Trip: 2019, no specific date set yet.

 Required Skills: This trip will have particular skills desired.

 Note: If you are interested please contact Laverne for more information.

 Cost: To be announced. Partly dependent on how many team members there are.

  • Destination: The North Africa Region

Contact Person/Trip Leader: Ginny Gordon sweetvirginia15@gmail.com

Date of Trip: 2019, no specific date yet however people have begun to volunteer to go.

Required Skills: This trip will have particular skills desired.

Note: If you are interested please contact Ginny for more information.

Cost: To be determined


  • Destination: Port au Prince, Haiti

Contact Person/Trip Leader: Clyde M. Mawyer, Jr. clyde1cbc@gmail.com

Date of Trip: February 2nd – 9th, 2019

Required Skills: No particular skills although construction experience will be helpful. We may possibly be building pews for a church or any number of small projects that are similar.

Note: If you are interested please contact Clyde for more information.

Cost: This will depend both on the number of team members “and” the cost of the project we choose to complete. Once we have a better idea of team size we can get a better estimate.


  • Destination: Mountain Mission School, Grundy, Virginia

Contact Person/Trip Leaders: Jim & Elaine Hooker

Date of Trip: 2019, no specific date set yet.

Required Skills: No particular skills needed. General work in and around the school inside and out.

Note: If you are interested please contact Jim & Elaine for more information.

Cost: If you desire you can be housed and fed in the facility which greatly reduces cost.
  • Destination: Standing Rock, North Dakota

Contact Person/Trip Leader: Davis & Celia Massie, (434) 534-2221, cdmassie@yahoo.com

Date of Trip: July, 2019 (always the last week of July)

Required Skills: No particular skills.

Note: If you are interested please contact Celia for more information.

Cost: Primarily transportation via vehicle or plane. Please contact Celia for more information.


Who Can Go on a Trip?

Spiritual requirement: All team members must be a born again believer in the Christian faith.

Gender: Both men and women are welcome

Age: 18 and up generally. Under age people may come if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Other Qualifications: You will be required to fill an application (see below) from which the team will be selected. Some trips have particular needs and/or restrictions based on where in the world we would be going.
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Photos from 2012 Guatemala Mission Trip