John 15: 1-8 I am the true vine and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he trims clean so that it will be more fruitful. You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. Remain in me, and I will remain in you……
This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples…NIV


Liz Alcock is our Parish Nurse. She uses her gifts to minister to the health to our congregation by providing information in keeping people spiritually and physically healthy. Liz oversees our Health Care Committee & the free blood pressure checks which take place the last Sunday of each month in the vestibule, monthly Cancer Support group meetings as well as coordinates yearly CPR classes, Mobile Mammography units, Blood Mobiles, etc.
Clifford’s Health Care Committee is made up of our Parish Nurse, professional health care members and lay people. Their duties are, but not limited to:
*planning and assisting with the implementation of the church’s health ministry
  • assisting in congregational health surveys as needed to determine the greatest health need
  • strives to develop and implement preventive and health promotional activities
  • assist in presenting educational presentations
Clifford’s Health Care Committee Members: Liz Alcock and Anna Ware (co-chair), Barbara Arrington, Rosie Lewis, Rose Mabrey, Craig Thomas, Juanita Farlow, Vivian Williams
Please visit the Parish Nurse Bulletin Board located in the hallway near the elevator for the latest health information & tips from Liz.
Liz invites you to contact her if you have any questions.
Liz Alcock
531 Higginbotham Creek Road, Amherst, VA 24521
e-mail: 21dancingfeet@gmail.com


Resources from the American Heart Association for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.
American Heart Association’s Keeping Kids Active
AHA’s How to Move More Anywhere, Anytime for families
AHA’s Resources for Caregivers for those who may be caring for elders or other loved ones while WFH
A USA Today piece on helping the elderly during COVID-19 offered for your convenience
A workout from our Kids Heart Challenge resources for families (workout begins around minute 1:10)
Recipes from Kids Heart Challenge: 
In 2017, we asked our members to participate in a Health Assessment. 101 of you chose to participate and Centra has issued the results. The Health Care Committee has met and reviewed the results. Here is the list to the results:
Monthly Cancer Support Group Meeting
Special Guest Speakers each meeting


Information our Parish Nurse, Liz Alcock, wanted to share with you.

Hello everyone,

The current crisis of our day is the coronavirus. Every day we hear of more new cases  and the lives that it takes. As of Friday, in Virginia, there are 30 confirmed cases, one of which is close our Centra footprint in Farmville, but no confirmed cases at any Centra facility. Our hearts go to those who are suffering and for the families who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

It is highly recommended that everyone take precaution. One of our faith community nurses, Cynthia Tabaian prepared the following statement for her church and she gave us permission to share it.

“For most healthy people the Corona Virus may be as mild as the common cold.  However, it can be very serious,  even deadly for those who are immune compromised or elderly. There is a lot of concern regarding the virus as it is so quickly spread, and it has now become Community acquired – which means people have acquired  the virus without traveling to areas where it has been most prevalent. It also remains  uncertain how long the virus remains viable on surfaces.   So, you may ask, ” What is the best thing to do?”  Here are a few tips which may or may not be new to you!

We can best  protect ourselves and others from the spread of the Corona Virus, or any Virus  by using common sense. Wash your hands, cover your cough and sneeze, and stay at home if you are sick, also avoid or limit your contact with those who are sick.  Please leave masks for the sick and health care professionals.

Wash your hands! I can’t say this enough ! Wash your hands, using soap and water, suds  up  and wash for 20 seconds – sing happy birthday to yourself in your mind to get that 20 second hand wash! Pay particular attention to washing between the fingers and thumbs. Remember, to always wash your hands before and after eating, after touching your face or blowing your nose, and after using the restroom. Avoid touching your face, particularly your eyes, nose and mouth; these are the ports of entry to the body. Hand sanitizer is also a good way to clean hands, however if hands are visibly dirty wash with soap and water. Hand sanitizer should be at least 60% alcohol based to kill the germs. Wipe down frequently touched surfaces  with antibacterial wipes – wipe down counter tops , door handles, light switches, your cell phone should get a frequent wipe down too!

In the event that someone should become sick with the virus and has attended worship, or an event in our building an appropriate person would be notified and confidentiality will be maintained to the highest level. We would then follow the guidelines by set  by the Virginia Department of Health regarding cleaning and closure of the building. This closure could last up to 14 days.”

Attached are handouts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that you can print or email to your faith communities members. The CDC has specific guidance for faith communities that you can find here https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/organizations/guidance-community-faith-organizations.html


The World Health Organization (WHO) has quite a few graphics as well as addresses the myths around COVID-19 and many printable resource sheets.

There is also a short 5 minute video that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIL5m5XznNY that is a helpful reference.

Please do your best to stay safe during this anxious season.

Jenny Jones MSW, MPH, CHES, Lead Coordinator,Community Health, Centra Health