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Clifford Baptist Church Sunday School Program, an extension of weekly worship, is focused on teaching the Body all the things Christ commanded by growing disciples, growing in Biblical knowledge at all levels, and learning how to go and evangelize the Gospel.

At Clifford Baptist Church, many of the programs and groups focus on taking the Gospel out into the world . Our Sunday School Program is no different. Our mission should be focused on growing in the knowledge of biblical principles, teachings of Christ and then taking that knowledge into the world. This focus on teaching and discipleship takes place in every class from Nursery to Adult Classes. Materials and curriculum teach Biblical knowledge. As disciples grow and learn the teachings of Christ that knowledge is spread into the world to continue to reach those that need to hear it.


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10:00AM Bible Study with Pastor Clyde in the Minnie Stinnett Chapel 7:00PM Prayer Meeting/Bible Study in the Main Sanctuary



Young Adults (Collegiate Group) Class                                    Teacher:  Derek Gordon & Jeremy Fulcher

Location: Previous parsonage (house across the parking lot next door)

The Young Adult /Collegiate fellowship of Clifford Baptist Church is a diverse group of college/career seekers, unmarried and married, with and without children. We laugh, pray, work, cook, laugh, camp, hike, study God’s word, laugh some more, other stuff, and grow together. We’d love to have you be “together” with us!

Life Changers 
Teachers: Derek Keiser & Dallas Hill
Location: Room 202 (Lower level of Main Sanctuary Building)
This class is not limited by age, marital status or gender. We have it all! The class explores the love of God and the power of His Word as applied to family dynamics, daily living, transitions, and witnessing. Curriculum includes various focus studies on books of the Bible and Lifeway topic studies.

BASIC CHRISTIANITY CLASS The Basic Christianity Class will begin April 7, 2019 during the Sunday School hour in room 108. This class is a perfect fit for new Christians, new members at Clifford Baptist Church, and even “mature” believers who want to get back to basics! This class will run 7 weeks and be taught by Fred Cox & Mark McCormick.  For more info, contact Fred @ 434-907-2590.

Hearts for God
Teacher: Angie Cannady
Location: Room 215: (Lower level of Main Sanctuary Building)
A group of ladies (all ages) committed to Bible Study through group lesson and discussion and relationship building.
Study as of 
Adult A1 Teacher: Pastor Clyde M. Mawyer, Jr.

Location: Minnie Stinnett Chapel

This is a mixed gender class of twenty-something’s to senior adults. The teaching style is verse by verse expositional through books of the Bible.Occasionally a Christian book other than the Bible or a current topic will be studied. Participation from the class is welcomed.
Adult A2
Teacher: Linda Christopher

Location: Room 208 (Lower level of Main Sanctuary Building) 

This class is open to all, teaching pure Bible study, one book at a time, alternating between the Old and New Testament.
Study as of July 2019: Book of Luke
Adult A3 Teacher: Randy Bixler
Location: 219 (Lower level of Main Sanctuary Building)                This is a mixed gender, multi-age class open to all, focused on Bible Study and topics. 
Adult Men Teachers:  Richard Wilburn
Location: Room 302 (Side room of Minnie Stinnett Chapel)
This class is a solid group of mature men who study a quarterly Baptist circular. Full of wisdom and experience, these men are true mentors and examples of lives lived for Christ. They follow the Senior Adult LifeWay Quarterly.
Minnie Stinnett Class
Teacher: Betty Fortune
Location: Room 301 (Side room of Minnie Stinnett Chapel)              This class is a solid group of mature, fun-loving women who love to laugh! They are serious about studying God’s Word, and conscientious about taking care of their classmates. They welcome new members of all ages with open arms. They follow the Adult KJV LifeWay Quarterly Curriculum. Study as of Sept. 2018 Study: “Welcome Home: Connecting and Engaging People in Your Church” 
Faith Bible Class Teacher: Shirley Hunt
Location: Room 108 (Lower level of Social Hall Building)                  This class is comprised of both men and women who study a variety of biblically sound teachings and studies
Teacher: Wayne Massie
Location: Room 104 (Lower level of Social Hall Building) 
This class discusses many aspects of Christianity and develops answers for the questions the world asks as well as what we may ask.
Teachers: Albert Riner & Thomas Riner
Location: Rm 217 (Lower level of Main Sanctuary)
The Victory Class will serve as an environment for Biblical learning, fellowship and encouragement, with lessons taught in a traditional “lecture-style” format. Each lesson will present the truths of God’s Word, enhancing the knowledge of class members. The lessons will present practical ways to apply these truths to everyday life. The class is for adults of all ages (men and women). All who wish to learn more about God’s Word and grow in their faith are welcome. Starts June 2, 2019. For questions, please contact  Albert Riner at 434-238-2056.  


For more information on which class may be best for you, please feel free to explore classes by visiting, ask our Sunday School Directors (Derek Keiser or Carrie Hill), or email us at Sundayschool@cliffordbaptist.org