Message from Our Sunday School Directors: 

We are so glad you’ve chosen to look at our current Sunday school offerings and we are confident that you will find a great fit for everyone in your family!

We encourage everyone that attends our Worship Service to also explore our Sunday School classes. The relationships that are built, the fellowship with your church family, and the amazing way God speaks to you through a deeper dive into His Word are only a few of the awesome things that are a result of attending a Sunday School Class. We also believe wholeheartedly that raising our children in the truth of Christ and teaching them God’s love, as early as they are old enough to hear, will plant seeds in their hearts that will forever grow their faith in Christ! 
Derek Keiser & Carrie Hill


For more information on our adult class offerings please visit this page:

Preschool A Room #201– Nursery( Teachers: Terri Campbell, Melinda Padgett) NOTE: Nursery Parents, be sure to pick up a pager when checking the babies into the nursery, so you can be alerted if a need arises. Preschool B Room 203 – ages 2 & 3 (Teachers: Beth Hunt, Kristy Mays)


Preschool C Room 107 – ages 4 & 5 -not having attended kindergarten. (Teachers: Vicky Campbell, Mike Campbell)   Kindergarten Room 109- ages 5 & 6 (Teachers: Susan Mawyer, Shirley Swallow)   Children A Room 102– 1st & 2nd grade (Teachers: Judy Haney, Mary Mays)   Children B Room 111– 3rd & 4th grade (Teachers: Steve Wheeler, Lisa Wheeler, Samantha McCormick)    Children C Room 212– 5th & 6th grade (Teachers:Lloyd Fulcher, Dana Fulcher, Randy Tschetter)    Teens/Youth Group Room 207- 7 & 8 grade    Older Teens/Youth Group Room 205- 9th through 12th grade  (Teachers for Both Youth Classes: Jeffrey Campbell, Sandi Esposito,Chad Fleming,Matt Giles, Jim Saunders, Amy Saunders) All classes can be found in the lower level of our sanctuary and along the Sunday School hallway.